Double the Cities, Double the Fun

We reached the Twin Cities and met our hosts Tina, Atul, and Meera Dear at the Twins-Royals game. It was a really exciting game, and an especially fun experience because it was Meera’s first time at a baseball park. Our favorite part was when Ben Revere of the Twins got a triple even after tripping and doing a somersault between second and third.

Kenzie & the Dears:


Our Saturday started with some delicious homemade chai tea, and then we set out with Tina and Meera for a tour of the Twin Cities. We started at the riverfront of Minneapolis, where we wandered through a farmer’s market and along what used to be mills along the Mississippi. We walked past the huge grain silos and could peak into the courtyard of one old mill at has been converted into a museum. As we crossed a bridge over the river, we could see the foundations of old mills built into the riverbank.

Mill Ruins:


On the other side of the bridge, we saw wooden steps leading down towards the river, and decided to go exploring. We discovered a muddy path along the riverbank, as well as a couple small bridges that allowed us to get onto a couple small islands in the river. Even in the middle of two cities, we saw a bunch of different birds on the river.

We found another set of stairs to get back up to the street, and went to get lunch at a deliciously spicy Thai restaurant. After lunch, we went for a stroll around Lake Calhoun in Minneapolis. There were tons of people swimming and boating on such a warm Saturday, and we enjoyed partaking in the lake culture of Minnesota. We also went to a nearby sculpture garden, which had quite a variety of pieces. There were more classical-looking sculptures of people, a couple sculptures made of huge metal beams, and then, in the middle of the park, a cherry that sprayed water out of its stem perched on a giant spoon.

Kenzie and Meera by the lake shore:


Contemplating the spoon:


We went back to the Dears for a bit to freshen up, then the six of us headed back into Minneapolis. The Twin Cities have fantastic theater, and we were going to see Gilbert and Sullivan’s HMS Pinafore at the Guthrie. My only exposure to Gilbert and Sullivan had been an episode of The West Wing, and this alone was enough to get me really excited. The singing and dancing were fantastic, but I had definitely not expected the play to be so hilarious.

The stage at the Guthrie:


After the wonderfully funny musical, we got a late-night dinner at Cafe Latte. This was exciting for me because the Twin Cities were the only stop on the trip I had already visited, and I had eaten at Cafe Latte on my previous trip. It turned out that Meera and I shared a love for their delicious vegetarian chili. We then headed home for bed so we could set out early the next morning to catch a ferry to Michigan.

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