About Us

Since many of you following our journey may not know everyone, here’s some information about all of the intrepid explorers.

Sarah still can’t believe that college is over, but somehow she graduated from Harvard with a degree in Social Studies, which sounds like a 5th grade class but is actually an interdisciplinary social sciences major. She just started work at a small nonprofit in New Haven, CT, where she does policy research and lobbies on behalf of low-income children and families. She is also working on her mom’s campaign for US Congress #shamelessplug. When not plotting to take over the world or running voter lists, Sarah enjoys cooking (and eating), playing board games (Will anyone trade her a wheat for 2 sheep?), gardening, and hanging out with friends.

Bill hails from Hockessin, Delaware. He studied physics (and before that, social studies) at Harvard, and next year will be headed to the University of Illinois to begin graduate studies in experimental condensed matter physics. He’ll be on this road trip from beginning to end (Delaware to Delaware), and he’s most looking forward to some of the beautiful nature in the northwest: the redwood forests and Glacier and Yellowstone national parks. Bill also loves board games, news (nytimes.com), and sports: running and playing ultimate, and watching football (Go Eagles!).

Kenzie, a native Bostonian, is slated to head to England in September to pursue her MPhil in Intellectual History & Political Thought at Cambridge. This basically means that she never finished her thesis in History (on John Rawls!). Before she starts to familiarize herself with the UK, she’s excited to get to know her home country a little better over the next 7 weeks. She’s also thrilled about all the family and friends she’ll get to see along the way, and very grateful to all those who are hosting us! Besides travel, which she loves, Kenzie’s a big fan of baseball (lobbying for us to stop for some games), reading (pushing for audiobooks in the car), board games (alas, trunk space didn’t really allow…) and politics/current events (Volvo is full of IOPers). She also likes writing – not usually blog-writing, but she’s hoping to make an exception.

Taylor is somewhat relieved to be done with senior year after the amount of time procrastinating and eventually writing a thesis, but is already nostalgic for her classes and friends from college. A reluctant government major with a secondary in environmental science and public policy, Taylor is heading into the oft-criticized world of consulting but hopes to gain a better understanding of the technical aspects of renewable energy through her job. Fresh from a previous road trip through Las Vegas and California, Taylor is excited to camp, hike, and apply her knowledge of geology in the Southwest’s grand and inspiring landscape.

Erin still has one year to go at Harvard, and is very excited to be taking a break from thesis research on homeschooling to travel to the West Coast for the first time. She is a Social Studies concentrator, and, despite two years of telling everyone that she’s not majoring in a class that comes after recess and before Language Arts, she wants to be a middle school history/social studies teacher after graduation. Some of Erin’s goals for this trip include: seeing a buffalo, confirming that California is a real place, touching the Pacific Ocean, and not getting eaten by a bear.


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