About Our Trip

Having just graduated from college (well, everyone except Erin), we’re off to see the country!  We begin with Sarah, Bill, & Kenzie through the South, then pick up Taylor for the Southwest, then drop off Taylor and Sarah but pick up Erin for the Northwest and Midwest.  And we’ll see lots of family and friends, old and new, along the way.  Should be an exciting adventure!  We hope you’ll follow our travels on this blog, and leave a comment if you have a suggestion for what we should do as we go!


3 Responses to About Our Trip

  1. Joy L. Rose says:

    As Harvard grads i guess you all know that “Volvo” may be translated “roll along” in Latin. Nice mental picture. Definitely better than “roll over”. Have a safe and delightful trip


  2. Liz Malliris says:

    This is a test…because I can’t seem to do this right!!!

  3. Liz Malliris says:

    YAY! I can post. I tried twice via Facebook and my comment would just disappear. ANYWAY, hi traveling trio! Sorry to hear about car troubles, but thrilled to view some of the amazing spots you’ve seen since leaving Portland. We’re bummed that Portland could not offer pastry-clad people or random sculptures (I share Bill’s skepticism). Maybe next time. Can’t wait to see Glacier and Yellowstone pix. Drive safe. Liz M. (P.S. Lots more raspberries…can you make a small detour?)

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