Map of the Journey!

9,250 miles!  That's a lot of $4 gas!

An attempt to Google Map our trip!

This is pretty much correct, except you have to imagine that the line out west runs right up the coast (Highway 1!) and that after Cleveland it continues to Pittsburgh and then back to Philly. Google Maps won’t let you plot that many points!

In case you can’t really read the map, our itinerary is:
Hockessin, DE – (Richmond, VA) – Chapel Hill, NC – Atlanta, GA – (Birmingham, AL) – Nashville, TN – Memphis, TN – (Jackson, MS) – New Orleans, LA – Austin, TX – Santa Fe, NM – Arches Nat’l Park, UT – Canyonlands Nat’l Park, UT – Grand Canyon, AZ – Flagstaff, AZ – Los Angeles, CA – San Francisco, CA – Lake Tahoe, CA – San Francisco, CA – Redwoods Nat’l Park, CA – Portland, OR – Seattle, WA – Glacier Nat’l Park, MT – Yellowstone Nat’l Park, WY – Badlands Nat’l Park, SD – Twin Cities, MN – Grand Haven, MI – Chicago, IL – Ann Arbor/Detroit, MI – Cleveland, OH – Pittsburgh, PA – Hockessin, DE


One Response to Map of the Journey!

  1. Tara says:

    Carolyn and I would like a GPS tracker.

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